We Made the Switch..

As you all know 2020 has been quite a wild ride! 

Covid-19 hit right when my boys were going on spring break back in March. We had spring break and waited patiently while the world figured out what was going on. 

Was it safe for kids to be in school? Should everyone stay home? What about seeing their friends? But they need interaction..

 It was so weird and such an unknown time, I mean it still is but it was all brand new. I don’t remember exactly how long they were out of school before they switched over to distance learning. I am sure every mom can agree that it was wild and a little stressful, but teachers did amazing through it all. Our school district did 5 weeks of distance learning before S-U-M-M-E-R! 

Yess, my boys were so excited to be done with school and have some fun. But little did we know we all got stuck at home, thank goodness for pools to keep the kids busy. By this point we had all been home so long the days were starting to blend together and bam it’s almost time for school to start! I am pretty sure this was the fastest summer ever. Do you agree? 

It came time for us to decide if the boys were going to head back to school, stay with distance learning or try something new. At this point I had no idea what we were going to do. I listened to long Facebook live videos from our school district and I just didn’t know. It stressed me out trying to decide what to do. This was a hard decision in a hard time. 

I started to look other places for homeschooling options, including on of my favorite blogger moms (Surprise AZ Mom) since she homeschools. Thanks to her amazing list I learned about K12 Online Public School. I was watching videos and learning everything I could about this K12 Online Public School. After a few weeks my husband agreed we should do K12. That’s that. We finally had a decision. I went back and forth in my head a few times wondering  if we made the right choice. But then I started thinking and I can stay home with my kids and I have the choice to keep them home, there are other families that need to send their kids to school during this time and I want those kids to be safe. 

I am now happy to say we made the switch to K12 Online Public school and we CANNOT wait to get started! I have already been sharing their supplies they received for the year on Instagram (CrazyKindofWildflower) I can’t wait to share everything with you this coming year with our first experience as an Online Public School house. 

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