Secret to Surviving a Messy House

Well here we are. Friends and family have told me for a few years to start a blog and I always shot them down. I always thought there are so many blogs out there already, why on earth would I start one.. plus I didn’t think my life was that interesting. But if you ask others I guess it is, hence why me starting a blog was on their minds. But I did it.

So let’s go over a little about our crazy life and how I really hope seeing my hectic life gives another mom reassurance that it is okay to not have everything perfect.

I’ll just start with the fact that I have four, yes four, children. What makes it better is that they are ALL under 8 years old and less than 3 years apart (the youngest are 21 months apart). On top of the four kids we have quite the plethora of animals to add to the chaos. The list goes: 2 dogs, 10 puppies, 2 rabbits and 1 hamster. So yes when I say things get crazy around here, I mean it. But it’s the good kind of crazy. The kind that fills your heart and makes everything better.

Amongst all of the chaos from everything above I am still working on things that bring me joy, like my NEW blog. Which I had no idea it brought me so much joy until I took that first step. But having a full house often leads to me feeling a little crazy and struggling to find balance especially with all of the ‘highlight reel’ posts on social media these days. I AM human so yes I struggle also but I want to share with you what helps balance myself, kids and home life.


That is honestly my tip. That is what keeps my balance and keeps my expectations lower. I have learned to embrace the mess. Seems crazy but let me tell you it works. No my house isn’t a train wreck but there are days toys don’t get put away, dishes don’t get done and the tornado of clothes hits. My house is not by any means spot less but the rooms that need to be clean are. I have learned to embrace the messy toys because that means my kids have been playing. Dirty dishes in the sink means my family is fed and happy. The tornado of clothes means I need to do laundry but it also means my kids have clothes to wear.

For the mom out there wondering how on earth people keep their houses spotless with kids, and yes they do exist, just know that your house CAN be a mess and it is okay. The mess won’t be there forever and when your house is clean you will miss it.

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2 years ago

Love this so much, super encouraging and a great reminder! ? I have a 2 year old and a 7 week old and that is just what I needed to hear thanks for sharing!

Barbara s Tipton
Barbara s Tipton
2 years ago

Brilliant idea…You are a genius..Who would have thought to write about it.

SEO Service
1 year ago

Awesome post! Keep up the great work! 🙂

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