Rain Clouds

Shaving cream rain clouds with food coloring is a fun activity for kids to learn a little about how clouds absorb moisture and create rain.

Edible Play-dough

Play-dough is always fun but even funner when it can be tasted by little testers.

Fun & Easy Mud Play

Mud Play

Mud Play can be fun, easy and full of imagination with a dirt, water and a few tools.

Rainbow Ice

This rainbow ice is not only fun to learn about but also fun to make.
These colors are just gorgeous together!

Ice Cube Play

Ice isn't just for drinks!
It provides endless amounts of fun and imagination!

Cotton Swab Painting

Cotton Swab Painting is a fun and easy activity that lets kids use their imagination while learning colors!

How to make Forky

Is your kid in love with Forky from Toy Story 4? Now you can make him over and over again for your kiddo to play with.

Sponge Boats

Sponge boats not only teach kids about sinking and floating but also allow their imagination to soar.

Bath Time Fun

Do your kids love slime? and bath time? I found a way to combine them both together with ZImpli Kid Gelli Baff

Kinder Homework

Kindergarten homework has started here so we are doing fun things to help my little guy learn.

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