Kindergarten Homework

School for my boys started about 3 weeks ago, my oldest is in 2nd grade and the youngest son started Kindergarten. 

My Kindergartener is actually on the younger side, he turned 5 a week into the school year. So that is actually making his homework a little harder, plus he does not like to sit still if it does not interest him. Everyday I’ve been finding ways to make learning his ABC’s fun and into a game.

My oldest has always been the one to memorize anything and everything, which makes school pretty easy for him. Yeah, yeah, I know you aren’t supposed to compare your kids and I am trying not to. Yes I know they both learn completely different and they are both different people on their own and I am not exactly comparing them. I have to remind myself that he learns different and I need to work differently with him. It is really a learning curve for both of us. Some days I have activities he really has fun doing and learning, other days it is a battle. And that is Okay.

Right now we are working on letters, his name and numbers.

Throughout the year I will be adding our homework activities here in hopes to help other moms with kinders. 


We went through the ABC's and he found each letter.
Made a sticky note for every ABC and he had to peel the letter off the wall when he found it.

The popsicle stick game (above) required him to think of capital and lowercase letters. It was pretty challenging and one that we will be doing more often for sure. 

The sticky note letter (left) find was one of the better activities we did. He had fun pulling them off of the wall and seeing less sticky notes. 

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