Ice Cube Play

Well we are on week 5 of the broken foot in the Arizona heat and well it’s not getting any easier. We had about a week and a half of fun activities, meaning the kids went to California for a few days. It’s almost the day the boot comes off and restrictions are lifted! 

Ice. Ice. Ice. 

It seems to be the one outdoor activity that they all enjoy and keeps them some what cool. There really wasn’t much to this activity at all but it kept them busy until it melted. I always like to think simple is better when it comes to activities. This is usually something I do when we have friends over and have left over bags of ice, but today I decided to just dump our whole ice bucket from our freezer out. 

I dumped the ice in the bowl and gave the kids sand shovels. That’s it. The other stuff the kids went and grabbed or had within arms reach. 

They did a little scooping and dumping. My two year old made a line of ice on the cement. We had ice races and snacked on a few to stay cool. They learned how fast ice melts when it’s 105 degrees out and the cement is hot. The two year old also decided to see what would happen when water was put in the bowl. The water was pretty much what ended the activity since the ice melted even faster than normal.

It was such a simple activity, yet it kept the kids busy for such a long time AND they learned so much.  

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