How to make an easy Forky

Did you go see Toy Story 4 along with the rest of the world?

It was super cute right?

We took our four kids to see the movie and all they could talk about after was how stinking cute Forky is! Like seriously, have you ever seen a little spork so cute?! 

Anyways, when we came home my kids kept asking to make Forky. After digging through a few drawers and bags I found a few items needed. 

The kids couldn’t wait for google eyes so we used the next best thing with puffy paint. My two year old couldn’t wait for the paint to dry so her face got a little smeared but it was okay. She loved him anyway. 

Anyways, the rest of Forky was pretty easy to make. I cut a craft stick in half and hot glued it into a V, stood the spork on the V and piled the hot glue on and waited for it to dry. The kids wrapped the pipe cleaner around the spork and we had a Forky!

I loved watching my kids play with their Forky after they made it. They couldn’t stop going on about how fun it was to make him and how they wanted to keep him forever. I think the whole idea that they made Forky themselves really made him that much more special than if we just bought him. 

It is so great watching the kids learn how to be creative and what they can really do if they try. 

I am pretty sure all three Forky’s lasted a month and were well cared for the whole time. 

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