Cotton Swab Painting

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Items Needed:

When the two year old asks to paint and I’m trying to get the other kids food, I bust out a quick and easy art project. I just grabbed a large old lid from some restaurant, paints, paper and cotton swabs.

I gave her the paint colors that she asked for and added a cotton swab into each color. Oh and I put the paper in front of her.  Simple enough?

This super simple art activity lasted the whole time I was making dinner AND after dinner. Heck she even asked to do it the next day but it was already cleaned up.

I really love activities like this that let kids use their imagination. These art activities can be great for learning colors, color mixing  and learning control of hands and fingers. Art like this provides so much for kids and lets them use their imagination. 

To me my daughters painting looks like a bunch of scribbles and dots but to her there was a whole story. She was painting her family, Ana and Elsa, our 10 puppies and so many other things. I love the imagination of children.

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